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Pasted by = Request: Tails Linux OS, pleas, 2018-05-09 11:28:51 GMT
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  1. = Request: Tails Linux OS, please include qlipper in future releases  
  3. - Title: qlipper (suggested clipboard software)  
  5. Hi, I'm only one person.  
  7. I've been feeling sad for years Tails does not include a  
  8. regular GUI clipboard app for the panel. I understand  
  9. the many reasons NOT to include one.[1] However, there are  
  10. many benefits to including one. I've long held off on  
  11. suggesting any particular application for a few reasons, not  
  12. limited to but including:  
  14. # File-size and/or memory usage is too large  
  15.   (in most other clipboards)  
  16. # Requires too many new/introduced dependencies  
  17.   (in most other clipboards)  
  18. # Too many options which may frustrate (new) users  
  19.   (in most other clipboards)  
  20. # Developer(s) of Tails may not care and/or don't want  
  21.   to add anything new and may not even try the suggestion.  
  22.   (I can understand and sympathize)  
  24. I have tried several clipboards available in Debian, even  
  25. going so far as to install each in separate Tails sessions and  
  26. giving them a beating. I believe I have found one which is  
  27. worthy of adding to future versions of Tails. It's small,  
  28. simple, and gets the job done without pulling in a ton of  
  29. dependencies.  
  31. It's called: qlipper (yes, that's a 'q', not a 'g')  
  33. Installation, configuration, and execution, all fantastically  
  34. simple and easy to use. Qlipper may not have all of the  
  35. blockbuster features and may not be as visually appealing[2]  
  36. when compared to most others, but simplicity is what we're  
  37. after here.  
  39. The description itself is simple and elegant:  
  41. "A Lightweight and cross-platform clipboard history applet. It  
  42.  provides the following features:"  
  44. - saves clipboard history entries and restores them  
  45. - lightweight  
  46. - systray docking app  
  47. - few requirements  
  48. - can be used in GNOME and Windows (and more)"  
  50. If it is included in a future version of Tails, it should   
  51. be updated and introduced with version 5.1.1.  
  53. Please know I am not the developer, have not worked on this  
  54. project and have no desire to, don't code, and  
  55. what do I know, I'm only one person.  
  57. [1] Just one concern/solution: If it's serious enough, a  
  58. warning pop-up could be made prior to the execution of the  
  59. qlipper binary with yes or no load/exit options, maybe a click  
  60. box saying I understand this is not a secure clipboard   
  61. application.  
  63. [2] Despite ease of use, to be honest, I only use qlipper  
  64. in Tails. I find another clipboard app, "xfce4-clipman" easier   
  65. on the eyes and felt smoother in configuration/use. Were I to  
  66. recommend a clipboard for Tails with no conditions, I would  
  67. probably recommend "clipman"[3] instead of qlipper, but   
  68. never the (in *my* Tails use) buggy "parcellite"[4].   
  70. [3] "xfce4-clipman", or just "clipman", never failed in my usage.  
  71. However, it did require several deps, including files which  
  72. are required for use in the XFCE4 desktop environment. It was  
  73. smooth as butter in Tails and I actually got a kick out of  
  74. using it vs. other clipboard apps, even qlipper.  
  76. [4] In my testing of "parcellite" across several Tails  
  77. sessions, sometimes it would load correctly, sometimes not.  
  78. When it didn't load as it should, the panel icon would not  
  79. show at all, just the same black colored panel. But were you  
  80. to click where the icon should be in the panel, it presented  
  81. menus as normal, but the icon remained invisible. Were you to  
  82. quit the app it would crash with a segfault line in the  
  83. logs/dmesg output. After the crash you could reload the app  
  84. and it would then appear in the panel. In my testing of  
  85. parcellite, I would guess the app's icon visibly loaded in  
  86. the panel 6/10 times following a new Tails session. (What a   
  87. downer, I really like parcellite in other distributions)  
  89. -------------------------------------------------  
  90. (.) Further details (.)  
  91. -------------------------------------------------  
  92. - Current version in Debian stable: 5.0.0  
  96. Package: qlipper  
  97. Installed Version: 5.0.0  
  98. Size: 317 kB  
  99. Download: 101 kB  
  100. ------------------------------------------------  
  101. - Current version in Debian testing: 5.1.1  
  104. ------------------------------------------------  
  105. - Current version @ official site: 5.1.1 / 2017-12-08  
  108. ------------------------------------------------  
  109. - Official site:  
  112. -------------------------------------------------  
  114. Thank you for your consideration of qlipper. 
Written by Xan Manning, 2010.