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  1. command=dev-blockheight 
  2. description=Show current block height 
  3. command=dev-setfees 
  4. description=Set feerate in satoshi-per-kw for {immediate}, {normal} and {slow} (each is optional, when set, separate by spaces) and show the value of those three feerates 
  5. command=listnodes 
  6. description=Show all nodes in our local network view 
  7. command=getroute 
  8. description=Show route to {id} for {msatoshi}, using {riskfactor} and optional {cltv} (default 9), if specified search from {source} otherwise use this node as source. 
  9. command=listchannels 
  10. description=Show all known channels 
  11. command=invoice 
  12. description=Create an invoice for {msatoshi} with {label} and {description} with optional {expiry} seconds (default 1 hour) 
  13. command=listinvoice 
  14. description=(DEPRECATED) Show invoice {label} (or all, if no {label})) 
  15. command=listinvoices 
  16. description=Show invoice {label} (or all, if no {label}) 
  17. command=delinvoice 
  18. description=Delete unpaid invoice {label} with {status} 
  19. command=waitanyinvoice 
  20. description=Wait for the next invoice to be paid, after {lastpay_index} (if supplied) 
  21. command=waitinvoice 
  22. description=Wait for an incoming payment matching the invoice with {label}, or if the invoice expires 
  23. command=decodepay 
  24. description=Decode {bolt11}, using {description} if necessary 
  25. command=help 
  26. description=List available commands, or give verbose help on one command. 
  27. command=stop 
  28. description=Shut down the lightningd process 
  29. command=dev-rhash 
  30. description=Show SHA256 of {secret} 
  31. command=dev-crash 
  32. description=Crash lightningd by calling fatal() 
  33. command=getinfo 
  34. description=Show information about this node 
  35. command=getlog 
  36. description=Show logs, with optional log {level} (info|unusual|debug|io) 
  37. command=listconfigs 
  38. description=List all configuration options, or with [config], just that one. 
  39. command=sendpay 
  40. description=Send along {route} in return for preimage of {rhash} 
  41. command=pay 
  42. description=Send payment specified by {bolt11} with optional {msatoshi} (if and only if {bolt11} does not have amount), {description} (required if {bolt11} uses description hash), {riskfactor} (default 1.0), and {maxfeepercent} (default 0.5) the maximum acceptable fee as a percentage (e.g. 0.5 => 0.5%) 
  43. command=listpayments 
  44. description=Show outgoing payments 
  45. command=connect 
  46. description=Connect to {id} at {host} (which can end in ':port' if not default) 
  47. command=listpeers 
  48. description=Show current peers, if {level} is set, include logs for {id} 
  49. command=fundchannel 
  50. description=Fund channel with {id} using {satoshi} satoshis 
  51. command=close 
  52. description=Close the channel with peer {id} 
  53. command=dev-sign-last-tx 
  54. description=Sign and show the last commitment transaction with peer {id} 
  55. command=dev-fail 
  56. description=Fail with peer {id} 
  57. command=dev-reenable-commit 
  58. description=Re-enable the commit timer on peer {id} 
  59. command=dev-forget-channel 
  60. description=Forget the channel with peer {id}, ignore UTXO check with {force}='true'. 
  61. command=dev-ping 
  62. description=Send {peerid} a ping of length {len} asking for {pongbytes} 
  63. command=dev-memdump 
  64. description=Show memory objects currently in use 
  65. command=dev-memleak 
  66. description=Show unreferenced memory objects 
  67. command=withdraw 
  68. description=Send to {destination} address {satoshi} (or 'all') amount via Bitcoin transaction 
  69. command=newaddr 
  70. description=Get a new {bech32, p2sh-segwit} address to fund a channel 
  71. command=listfunds 
  72. description=Show available funds from the internal wallet 
  73. command=dev-rescan-outputs 
  74. description=Synchronize the state of our funds with bitcoind 
Written by Xan Manning, 2010.